The year is starting out great and I am working on several really fun custom dresses!  Below are the drawings for two different dresses I will be designing and making over the next few months!

Here is the front for the first dress.  Originally the bride wanted a cocktail length dress in lace to reflect her fun casual take on life.  But after thinking about her wedding a little more, she decided she wanted a long dress for the “wow” factor during the ceremony.  We came up with a removable satin underskirt that will provide the elegance she wants during the ceremony but that can be taken off for the reception so she can dance and have fun!  I designed my own wedding dress in a similar way so I could remove the train and dance!

This dress will also be a real treat to work on!  This bride has some lace from a family heirloom that she wants to incorporate into the dress.  She is also looking for a floating/airy ethereal feeling.  This dress will have a sheer silk chiffon overlay on top of the lace to soften the lines of the dress.  We are having fun sourcing eco-friendly fabrics like peace silks, vintage silks, and recycled tulle to make this dress!

What does your dream dress look like?
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