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Suits Suits Suits: Mens Fashion

Although women’s fashion gets a lot more attention, men need to look good too!  To most people, a suit is a suit is a suit, but men’s fashion has changed a lot over the years.  I think every man needs a good suit in his life, but there is no need to run out and spend big money on a boring suit that doesn’t express any personality.  Think vintage! (I always do…).  Lately vintage or vintage-look suits are appearing in movies, weddings, and even in new suits by modern designers.  I personally really like the three-piece suit look.  A vest provides a great option when you want to look tailored but you don’t want to wear a jacket (think summer weddings and events). The character of Will Shuester on “Glee” is always wearing great partial suit outfits.

Jude Law sports a gorgeous three-piece suit in “Sherlock Holmes”.  JCrew offers a similar charcoal suit that would be perfect for an outdoor wedding.
But there is really no need to spend so much money on a new suit.  Before investing in an expensive, new coat, try to find a vintage one.  Check out etsy, ebay, or your local thrift, vintage or consignment stores for great suits that can be altered to fit! 
Vintage Corduroy Suit


To be sure a jacket fits you properly, check first that the shoulder seams rest right above the edge of your actual shoulder. Next, button the jacket. If the fabric pulls when it is buttoned, the jacket is too small. Look for jackets with vertical seaming in the front and the back because this allows a tailor plenty of options for where a jacket can be taken in. A few alterations can extend the life of an otherwise dated and un-usable suit!

Don’t forget that tailoring can make anyone look like a million bucks!

Don’t forget that I can always provide fashion advice if you need help determining which suit styles are best for you!
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1950s Wedding Alteration Project

 As you all know, I love vintage!  So when a bride came to me to ask me to help with her 1950s themed wedding attire, I was so excited! She got her dress from a wonderful consignment store in Phoenix called Almond Tree Weddings.  It is a full-length dress with a train, but I am going to alter it to be a tea-length swing dress, similar to the dresses below.

Because we are going to have so much fabric leftover from the dress alteration, she has asked me to create a bolero jacket from the extra!  I found a vintage 1950s pattern on Etsy that I am going to modify for the jacket.  Isn’t it cute?!
  To top it off, she purchased a bright yellow petticoat that will peek out under the dress when she swing dances with her partner.  I am going to also help her make some cute shoe clips and a hair clip!  How fun!

‘I will post photos of the alterations process as it comes together!

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Classic gowns on film

Today I thought I would share a few of my favorite gowns from cinema.  These are designed by some of the most famous and forward thinking fashion designers of the day.  I love classic movies for so many reasons (better dialog, more compelling and well-rounded characters, more interesting cinematography, etc), and one of these reasons is the fabulous costumes!  They just really knew how to put together an amazing gown back then.

The first of these is the classic ostrich feather dress worn by Ginger Rogers in “Top Hat” during the fantastic dance scene “Cheek to Cheek”

You really have to watch the movie to appreciate the grace of this dress.  It is also a really funny movie!

Next, I have always loved this Travella dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.  Maybe it is because it is orange…maybe it is because Marilyn is so gorgeous…

Last, although the white strapless dress that Grace Kelly wore in “To Catch a Thief” is more famous, I prefer the sky blue one.  Both were designed by Edith Head, one of my favorite designers.

Now I want to go watch a movie…

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