Services & Alterations

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Services & Alterations

An appointment is required for all fittings.

Due to the unique nature of each wedding gown and the needed alterations, I cannot provide estimated alteration prices over the phone or by email. I do not schedule price consultations except under rare circumstances. Almost all wedding gown alterations will fall within my provided range unless the gown needs very little altered or you require alterations outside the usual. A no-obligation quote will be given at the initial appointment.

To see my latest availability and to schedule an appointment with me, please send an email to with your wedding date, gown designer name and gown name/number. You will receive an auto-reply that lists my availability. If your wedding date is still available, I will respond within a week. If you have t heard from me in that time, please email again.

Expect 3-5 fittings depending on the nature of the gown and the alterations required.

A deposit is not typically required for wedding gown alterations unless the purchasing of materials (fabric, beads, lace, etc) is required to complete the alterations. If the gown was purchased “off the rack” and is not a typical wedding gown from a boutique, a deposit is required.

With any appointment it is important and necessary that you arrive on time. Alteration appointments are scheduled back to back; if you will be more than 15 minutes late or cannot make your appointment, please call or email and reschedule your appointment for another day.

Typical Fitting Process:

First Fitting (3-4 months before the wedding): At the first fitting we will discuss and pin alterations to fit the gown on the body. You only need to bring the gown but please bring undergarments and shoes if you have them. You may bring several bras/undergarments  if you would like to test the fit with different items. The bra (or lack thereof) can make a significant difference in fit. If you are uncertain what will work with your gown, we can discuss options at the first fitting. I will provide a no-obligation quote based on the work discussed. You may continue to lose weight/make body adjustments after this fitting.

Second Fitting (2-3 months before the wedding): At the second fitting we will check the fit on the body after the initial alterations have been done. We will continue to adjust the fit as needed and discuss cups (if desired) and the bustle. Please bring shoes so the hem can be pinned. You may bring several shoe options to try with the gown, but please plan to make a decision at the fitting. You may continue to lose weight/make body adjustments after this fitting.

Third Fitting (1-2 months before the wedding): Shoes and final undergarments are required for this fitting. This is the last fitting at which fit adjustments will be made unless otherwise discussed. Please plan to scale back any weight loss/body changes at this point so the dress will fit at the wedding. We will check the hem and make any adjustments required.

Final Fitting(1-3 weeks before the wedding): Shoes and final undergarments are required at this fitting. This fitting is really a “viewing” to ensure everything looks great. I will teach the bustle to you and a guest (if desired) and/or we can take a video to help at the wedding. Small adjustments such as cup placement or bustle points may be adjusted while you wait. You should plan to pick up the dress at this fitting unless we have discussed other arrangements.

Anne Thomas Couture has the right to refuse alterations to any individual under any circumstance at anytime.

Any and all garments, veils, jewelry and/or accessories will not be released to anyone without the permission of the owner.


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Take in/let out sides and bust
Add bra cups
Add lining to lace top
Cut/remove or add crinoline
Remove/adjust train
Bustle train


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Adjustment of darts and stays
Sleeves shortened at shoulder
Shorten/add straps or sleeves
Change neckline/arm holes
Remove or attach beads/lace or other embellishments


A no-obligation price will be quoted at the first appointment 



My Promise to You I promise to do whatever it takes to get your gown right within the capability of the gown. That means that I can only work with the variables the gown allows. This takes a little creativity on the my part and a bit of understanding from the bride, but almost anything can be done if the bride is willing to accept some creative design changes.



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Average Alterations Prices

Average alterations prices are listed below. Prices are subject to fluctuate based on the work required. All pricing is based on the amount of time required to complete alterations; I do not have a minimum charge. I do not require a deposit but you may pay in installments if that makes the cost easier for you. Payment in full is required before you leave with your dress.

Wedding Gowns

(Off season only) Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother and Evening Dresses


Rush Fees

Any alterations brought in after the time period specified below will be charged a rush fee.

Less than 8 weeks for Wedding Gowns

Less than 4 weeks for Wedding Gowns
$200 (case by case only as time allows)


 Payment Methods

I accept cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, and all major credit cards. Payments can be accepted in person, over the phone, by invoice, or by mail.